Family Nymphalidae   Subfamily Charaxinae
List of Species and Subspecies The list was made by Y.Inayoshi & K.Saito.
List : 2017.05.31. / Page : 2019.03.31.

Agatasa calydonia   (Hewitson,[1854])
    Agatasa calydonia calydonia  (Hewitson,[1854])   (2019.02.28)
    Agatasa calydonia belisama  (Crowley,1891)   (2019.02.28)

Prothoe franck   (Godart,[1824])
    Prothoe franck uniformis  Butler,1885   (2019.03.31)
    Prothoe franck angelica  Butler,1885   (2019.03.31)
    Prothoe franck vilma  Fruhstorfer,[1902]   (2019.03.31)
    Prothoe franck nausikaa  Fruhstorfer,1901   (2019.03.31)

Polyura schreiber   (Godart,[1824])
    Polyura schreiber assamensis  (Rothschild & Jordan,1898)   (2010.05.15)
    Polyura schreiber tisamenus  (Fruhstorfer,1914)   (2009.06.30)

Polyura delphis   (Doubleday,1843)
    Polyura delphis delphis  (Doubleday,1843)   (2009.06.30)
    Polyura delphis concha  (Vollenhoeven,1861)   (2009.12.20)

Polyura moori   Distant,1883
    Polyura moori moori  (Distant,1883)   (2009.06.30)
    Polyura moori sandakana  (Fruhstorfer,1895)   (2009.06.30)

Polyura hebe chersonesus  (Fruhstorfer,1898)   (2009.06.30)

Polyura jalysus jalysus  (Felder & Felder,[1867])   (2010.05.15)

Polyura athamas athamas  (Drury,[1773])   (2010.05.15)

Polyura arja arja  (Felder & Felder,[1867])   (2010.05.15)

Polyura narcaeus thawgawa  Tytler,1940   (2010.05.15)

Polyura eudamippus   (Doubleday,1843)
    Polyura eudamippus nigrobasalis  (Lathy,1898)   (2009.06.30)
    Polyura eudamippus peninsularis  (Pendlebury,1933)   (2008.01.20)

Polyura nepenthes nepenthes  (Grose-Smith,1883)   (2010.05.15)

Polyura dolon  (Westwood,1847)
    Polyura dolon grandis  (Rothschiled & Jordan,1898)   (2009.06.30)
    Polyura dolon southernensis  Yoshino,2017

Charaxes solon sulphureus  Rothschild,1900   (2009.06.30)

Charaxes durnfordi merguia  Tytler,1926   (2007.12.10)

Charaxes harmodius   Felder & Felder,[1867]
    Charaxes harmodius shiloi  Hanafusa,1994   (2007.05.20)
    Charaxes harmodius ssp.  (2007.11.20)

Charaxes borneensis praestantius  Fruhstorfer,1914   (2007.11.20)

Charaxes bernardus   (Fabricius,1793)
    Charaxes bernardus hierax  Felder & Felder,[1867]   (2010.05.15)
    Charaxes bernardus crepax  Fruhstorfer,1914   (2007.12.20)
    Charaxes bernardus mahawedi  Fruhstorfer,1914   (2009.10.31)

Charaxes aristogiton   (Felder & Felder,[1867])
    Charaxes aristogiton aristogiton  Felder & Felder,[1867]   (2010.05.15)
    Charaxes aristogiton peridoneus  Fruhstorfer,1914   (2007.11.20)

Charaxes marmax   Westwood,[1847]
    Charaxes marmax marmax  Westwood,[1847]   (2009.10.31)
    Charaxes marmax philopator  Fruhstorfer,1914   (2007.11.20)

Charaxes kahruba  (Moore,[1895])   (2009.06.30)

Charaxes distanti distanti  Honrath,1885   (2009.06.30)

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