Polyura paulettae  Toussaint,2015

ON : Polyura paulettae Toussaint,2015
OD : Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 91:206-207, fig.2.
TL : Wang Chin, Phrae, Thailand. (♀, ZSM)
Distribution : Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, W.Malaysia.

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♀, 1982.iv. Wang Chin dist., Phrae, Thailand. (ZSM)
Paratypes : 1♂, Wang Chin, Phrae, Thailand. (ZSM) ; 1♂, Shan States, Myanmar. (ZSM) ; 1♂, N.Sagaing, Myanmar. (ZSM)

Toussaint,2015 described Polyura paulettae by mainly DNA analysis. I suppose it may be widely distributed in Indo-China including P.Thailand. Further study is needed,


Toussaint, E.F.A., J.Moriniere, C.J.Muller, K.Kunte, B.Turlin, A.Hausmann & M.Balke, 2015 :
Comparative molecular species delimitation in the charismatic Nawab butterflies (Nymphalidae, Charaxinae, Polyura)
Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 91:194-209.

Toussaint, E.F.A., & J.M.A. Lam & M. Balke,2016 :
New insights into the systematics of the genus Polyura Billberg,1820 (Nymphalidae, Charaxinae) with an emphasis on the P. athamas group
J. Lep. Soc. 70(2):145-152.

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