Family Lycaenidae   Subfamily Poritiinae
List of Species and Subspecies The list was made by Y.Inayoshi & K.Saito.
List : 2016.07.31 / Page : 2016.09.30.

Cyaniriodes libna andersonii (Moore,1884)   (2016.09.30)

Poritia philota philota Hewitson,1874   (2016.09.30)

Poritia erycinoides (Felder &Felder,1865)
    Poritia erycinoides phraatica Hewitson,[1878]   (2016.09.30)
    Poritia erycinoides trishna Fruhstorfer,1919   (2016.09.30)

Poritia sumatrae sumatrae (Felder& Felder,1865)   (2016.09.30)

Poritia promula elegans Fruhstorfer,1919   (2016.07.31)

Poritia hewitsoni Moore,[1866]
    Poritia hewitsoni tavoyana Doherty,1889   (2016.09.30)
    Poritia hewitsoni regia Doherty,1889   (2016.09.30)

Poritia pleurata Hewitson,1874   (2016.07.31)

Poritia manilia Fruhstorfer,[1912]
    Poritia manilia dawna  Evans,1921 /* Possibility
    Poritia manilia evansi Corbet,1940   (2016.09.30)

Poritia karennia Evans,1921   (2016.09.30)

Poritia plateni Staudinger,1889   (2016.07.31)

Simiskina pharyge deolina (Fruhstorfer,1917)   (2016.07.31)

Simiskina pasira (Moulton,[1912])   (2016.07.31)

Simiskina proxima dohertyi Evans,1925   (2016.09.30)

Simiskina phalena (Hewitson,1874)
    Simiskina phalena phalena (Hewitson,1874)   (2016.09.30)
    Simiskina phalena harterti (Doherty,1889)   (2016.09.30)

Simiskina pheretia pheretia (Hewitson,1874)   (2016.07.31)

Simiskina phalia potina (Hewitson,1874)   (2016.09.30)

Simiskina pavonica veturia (Fruhstorfer,[1912])   (2016.07.31)

Simiskina pediada (Hewitson,1877)  (2016.07.31)

Deramas jasoda jasoda (de Nicéville,[1889])   (2016.09.30)

Deramas livens Distant,1886
    Deramas livens evansi Eliot,1964   (2016.07.31)
    Deramas livens ssp.  (2016.07.31)

Deramas cham Saito & Seki,2006   (2016.09.30)

Deramas nolens pasteuri Eliot,1978   (2016.09.30)

Deramas nelvis nelvis Eliot,1964 /* Possibility

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