Poritia erycinoides miuramasatsunei  Morita & Yago,2010

Poritia erycinoides miuramasatsunei ♂ Up. Poritia erycinoides miuramasatsunei ♂ Un.
♂, 1990.01.20. Satun (Koh Tarutao), Thailand.

ON : Poritia erycinoides miuramasatsunei Morita & Yago,2010
OD : Futao 56:18, figs.5-13.
TL : Langkawi Is., Malaysia.
Distribution : P.Thailand (Koh Tarutao), Langkawi.

Specimens Examined

Satun : Satun dist. (Koh Tarutao), 1990.01.20. 1♂ P.Sukkit (YI)
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The example of Koh Tarutao is considered to be included in ssp.miuramasatsunei from Langkawi. This is the first record from Thailand.


Morita, S., & M.Yago,2010 : Two new subspecies of Poritia erycinoides (C. & R.Felder) from Anambas Isls., Indonesia, and Langkawi Is., Malaysia (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae)
Futao 56:17-19, 2.figs.1-13.

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