Family Nymphalidae   Subfamily Cyrestinae
List of Species and Subspecies The list was made by Y.Inayoshi & K.Saito.
List : 2017.05.31 / Page : 2018.11.30.

Cyrestis themire   Honrath,1884
    Cyrestis themire themire  Honrath,1884   (2018.06.30)
    Cyrestis themire vatinia  Fruhstorfer,1901   (2018.08.31)

Cyrestis cocles   (Fabricius,1787)
    Cyrestis cocles cocles  (Fabricius,1787)   (2018.08.31)
    Cyrestis cocles earli  Distant,1883   (2018.11.30)

Cyrestis maenalis martini  Hartert,1902   (2018.06.30)

Cyrestis nivea  (Zinken,1831)
    Cyrestis nivea nivalis  Felder & Felder,[1867]   (2018.11.30)
    Cyrestis nivea tonkiniana  Fruhstorfer,1901   (2018.08.31)

Cyrestis thyodamas thyodamas  Doyere,[1840]   (2018.08.31)

Chersonesia risa risa  (Doubleday,[1848])   (2018.11.30)

Chersonesia rahria rahria  (Moore,[1858])   (2018.08.31)

Chersonesia intermedia  Martin,1895
    Chersonesia intermedia intermedia   Martin,1895   (2018.08.31)
    Chersonesia intermedia rahrioides   Moore,[1899]   (2018.08.31)

Chersonesia peraka peraka  Distant,1884   (2018.08.31)

Pseudergolis wedah wedah  (Kollar,[1844])   (2018.11.30)

Stibochiona nicea   (Gray,1846)
    Stibochiona nicea nicea  (Gray,1846)   (2018.11.30)
    Stibochiona nicea subucula  Fruhstorfer,[1898]   (2018.11.30)

Dichorragia nesimachus   (Doyere,[1840])
    Dichorragia nesimachus nesimachus  (Doyere,[1840])   (2018.11.30)
    Dichorragia nesimachus machates  Fruhstorfer,1903   (2018.11.30)

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