Hasora danda  Evans, 1949

Hasora danda ♀ Up. Hasora danda ♀ Un.
♀, Houaphan, Laos.

ON : Hasora danda Evans, 1949
OD : Cat. Hesp. Europ. Asia Austr. Brit. Mus. : 58.
TL : Kalaw, S.Shan States. (NHML)
Distribution : Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam.
Hasora danda map

Type Material Information

Type ♂, Kalaw, S.Shan States. (NHML)

Records taken from Literature

'Hasora danda ; Evans,1949 : 58. (W.Siam)'
'Hasora danda ; Pinratana,1985 : 19, pl.5, figs.15,♂,♀,♂(Un). (Chiang Mai)'
'Hasora danda ; Yamaguchi & Aoki,2002 : 9, fig.4,♂. (Ubon Ratchathani: Phu Chong Na Yoi)'
'Hasora danda ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 730, not fig. (Chiang Mai)'
'Hasora anura danda ; Chiba,2009 : 22, pl.8, figs.9,♂(Un),10,♀(Un). (Thailand)'
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'Hasora danda ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 778, pl.358, figs.H17,♂,♂(Un). (Chiang Mai)'

[ LAOS ]
Hasora danda ; Motono & Negishi,1989 : 78, pl.110, figs.A1,♂,A2,♂(Un). (Vang Vieng; Nam Tan; Nom Pa)
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Hasora danda ; Evans,1949 : 58. (Tonkin)
Hasora danda ; Devyatkin & Monastyrskii,1999 : 155. (N: Ba Vi; Tam Dao / C: Bu Huong)
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Hasora anura danda ; Chiba,2009 : 22, pl.8, figs.9,♂(Un),10,♀(Un). (Vietnam)
Hasora danda ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 70. (N / C: to Kon Tum)

Specimens Examined

[ LAOS ]
Xieng Khouang : 1♂ (photo by H.Onodera).
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Houaphan : 1♀.
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Chiba,1995 mentioned danda as conspecific with anura. However, I treat the two as separate species here as in the past.
This species is characterised by the absence of a white spot in the cell on the UnH. However, individuals lacking this characteristic also frequently occur in Hasora anura, and the only way to distinguish such individuals from Hasora danda is to examine the male genitalia. I have examined many specimens from Thailand and have yet to find danda. It is possible that danda is not distributed in Thailand. As a result, the records from Thailand will remain on hold until we are able to examine a definitive specimen.
All records in this area should be re-checked. Further distributional and taxonomic studies, including DNA analysis, are needed.


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