Flos abseus abseus  (Hewitson, 1862)

Flos abseus abseus ♂ Up. Flos abseus abseus ♂ Un. Flos abseus abseus ♀ Up. Flos abseus abseus ♀ Un.
♂, 2015.06.21. Yala (Betong Dist.), Thailand. ♀, Yala (Betong Dist.), Thailand.

ON : Amblypodia abseus Hewitson, 1862
OD : Spec. Cat. Lyc. Birt. Mus.: 9, pl.5, figs.51,♀(Un),52,♀.
TL : Singapore. (♀, NHML)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala: Betong), Langkawi,
W.Malaysia, Tioman, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, Palawan.
● ssp.indicus
transition zone of indicus and ophiala
Flos abseus abseus map


Arhopala abseus nava Fruhstorfer, 1914; Dt. ent. Z. [Iris] 28(2):131. TL. N.Borneo (♂, NHML)

Records taken from Literature

Flos abseus ophiala ; S.Sophonviwatkul, C.Sunthornwiphat & T.Laola,2022- : Butterflies of Thailand, figs., Early Stages. (Yala: Betong) (accessed: 2023.09.20)

Specimens Examined

Yala (Betong Dist.) : 1♂ 3♀ (incl. photo by S.Atdhabhan).
2015.06.21. 1♂, Y.Inayoshi (YI) ; 2022.03.14. 1♀, S.Atdhabhan (YI).
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New to Thailand. The population from Betong, Yala is considered to be the nominotypical subspecies.
The butterfly is locally not rare in montane forests at low to moderate elevations (Alt. 50 - 550m).


Hewitson, W.C.,1862 : Specimen of a Catalogue of Lycaenidae in the British Museum.
British Museum, London. 4to:[iv]+15pp, 8 pls.

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Dt. ent. Z. [Iris] 28(2):121-137.

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Halimun Mountains, West Java (Indonesia) - Recent lepidopterological survey and new knowledge on Lycaenid butterflies (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).
Butterflies (Teinopalpus) 56:15-25.

Flos abseus abseus ♀ Flos abseus abseus ♀
♀, Yala (Betong Dist.), Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan) ♀, Yala (Betong Dist.), Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan)

2023.04.30 - 2023.09.30.

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