Simiskina pavonica veturia  (Fruhstorfer, [1912])

Simiskina pavonica veturia ♂ Up.
♂, in Seitz, pl.154h.

ON : Poritia pavonica veturia Fruhstorfer, [1912]
OD : Berl. ent. Z. 56(3/4):201.
TL : Hinlap, Siam. (♂)
Distribution : Thailand.
Simiskina pavonica veturia map

Records taken from Literature

Poritia pavonica veturia ; Seitz,1927 : 1009, pl.154h, ♂(as oeturia). (Siam)
Simiskina pavonica veturia ; Godfrey,1930 : 311. (Hin Lap)


Hitherto the species has been known only a male type specimen.
Corbet,1940 mentioned the genitalia resemble those of pavonica. However, the genitalia of this group is almost identical and no remarkable differences can be found. The figure in Seitz, it has reduced blue markings on the upper side of the both wings and it might be an aberration of Simiskina phalia. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Fruhstorfer, H.,[1912] :
Uebersicht der Lycaeniden des Indo-Australischen Gebiets. Begrundet auf die Ausbeute und die Sammlung des Autors.
Berl. ent. Z. 56(3/4):197-272, 4 figs.

Seitz, A.,1927 : Die Indo-Australische Tagfalter. 8. Lycaenidae: Poritia in Seitz, Grossschmett. Erde

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