Papilio agestor teruyoae  (Shinkai, 1996)

ON : Chilasa agestor teruyoae Shinkai, 1996
OD : Futao 23:16. pl.4, figs.1(HT,♂), 2(HT,♂Un),
3(PT,♂), 4(PT,♂Un), 5(PT,♂), 6(PT,♂Un).
TL : Mt. Pia Oac, N.Vietnam. (♂, in coll. S.Morita)
Distribution : N.Vietnam (Mt.Pia Oac).
● ssp.agestor
Papilio agestor teruyoae map


Chilasa agestor teiae Shinkai, 1999 : Wallace 6:50. (ISS)

Type Materials Information

teruyoae ;
Holotype ♂, 29.Apr.1994. Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
Paratypes ; 4♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. (in coll. S.Morita)

Records taken from Literature

Chilasa agestor teiae ; Shinkai,1999 : 50. (N: Mt.Pia Oac)
Chilasa agestor agestor ; Monastyrskii,2007 : 39-40. (N: Pia Oac) (in part)


This taxon is considered to be intermediate between the nominotypical subspecies and ssp.kuangtungensis. The population appears to be rather variable and has unstable markings. It might be included in the nominotypical subspecies or ssp.kuangtungensis, however due to the small number of the examined specimens, I tentatively treat it as ssp.teruyoae. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Shinkai, A.,1996 : Description of a new subspecies Chilasa agestor (Gray,1831) from Vietnam. (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
Futao 23:16-17.

Shinkai, A.,1999 : Butterflies of Vietnam. Part 1 Papilionidae.
Wallace 6:45-65. (in Japanese)

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