Losaria neptunus manasukkiti  Cotton, Racheli & Sukhumalind,2005

Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♂ Up. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♂ Un. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♀ Up. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♀ Un.
♂, 1988.03.28. Kampuan, Ranong, Thailand.
♀, 1992.04.14. Muang Chone, Ranong, Thailand.
Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♂ Up. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♂ Up. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♀ Up. Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ♀ Up.
♂, 1994.03.18. Muang Chone, Ranong, Thailand.
♂, 1984.03.26. Muang Chone, Ranong, Thailand.
♀, 1991.03.20. Kampuan, Ranong, Thailand.
♀, 1991.03.23. Kampuan, Ranong, Thailand.

ON : Losaria neptunus manasukkiti Cotton, Racheli & Sukhumalind,2005
OD : Fragmenta entomologica, Roma. 37(1):129-136. figs.1(HT,♀),2(PT,♂).
TL : Kam Phuan, Ranong, Thailand. (♂, NHML)
Distribution : S.Myanmar, P.Thailand (Ranong).

● ssp.manasukkiti
Losaria neptunus manasukkiti map

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♂, 02.Jan.2005. Kam Phuan, Ranong, Thailand. K.Ruengrith leg. (NHML)
Paratypes ; 44♂ 26♀, Ranong, Thailand. (THNHM ; in coll. A.M.Cotton ; Y.Inayoshi ; K.Sukhumalind ; A.Pinratana ; P.Ek-Amnuay ; V.Namkang ; T.Racheli)

Records taken from Literature

Atrophaneura neptunus neptunus ; Pinratana,1977 : 17, fig.P12,♀. (P)
Pachliopta neptunus neptunus ; Pinratana & Eliot,1992 : 16,40, pl.17, figs.14,♂,♀. (Ranong)
Atrophaneura neptunus manasukkiti ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 74, pl.8, figs.P19b♂,♂(Un),♀. (Ranong)
Losaria neptunus manasukkitti [sic] ; Kimura et al.,2011 : 117, figs.♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Kam Puan; Khlong Naka)
Losaria neptunus manasukkiti ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 74, pl.8, figs.P18b♂,♂(Un),♀. (Ranong)

Specimens Examined

Ranong : 17♂ 7♀ (type series).
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This subspecies has a very localized distribution and has only been found in a few areas in Ranong province. The butterfly is not rare in montane primary forest at low elevations (alt. 20m - 150m). And it is often seen flying gently in the dark areas inside the forest.
Ek-Amnuay,[2007],2012 recorded ssp.neptunus from Khao Phanom Bencha, Krabi, however it is considered highly doubtful. Hitherto no one has seen any specimens from Krabi area. Of course, it might be distributed in this region, but we need to confirm which subspecies it is by reliable specimens, because there is a possibility that it is ssp. manasukkiti. Further distributional research is needed in the future.


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J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 27(4):883-897.

Cotton, A.M., T. Racheli, & K. Sukhumalind,2005 :
A New Subspecies of Losaria neptunus from Ranong Province, Southern Thailand. (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
Fragmenta entomologica, Roma. 37(1):129-136, 4 figs.

2005.12.19 - 2021.11.30.

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