Spindasis rukma  (Nicéville, [1889])

ON : Aphnaeus rukma Nicéville, [1889]
OD : J. asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt.2. 57(4):281-282, pl.14, fig.6,♂.
TL : Sikkim.
Distribution : Sikkim. [? Laos]
Spindasis rukma map

Records taken from Literature

[ LAOS ]
Spindasis nipalicus rukma ; Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999 : 218, pl.122, fig.♂(Un). (Phong Saly)
Spindasis rukma ; Nakamura & Wakahara,2012 : 53.


In Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999, only the underside was shown. The upper surface needs to be examined, but I suspect that this could be Spindasis evansii ayuthia. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Nicéville, L.de,[1889] : On new or little-known Butterflies from the Indian Region.
J. asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt.2. 57(4):273-293, pls.13,14.

Balint, Zs., Heath, A., Katona, G., Kertesz, K. & Safian, Sz.,2017 : Male secondary sexual characters in Aphnaeinae wings (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
Opusc. Zool. Budapest 48(1):27-34.

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