Euthalia djata rubidifascia  Talbot, 1929

Euthalia djata rubidifascia ♂ Up. Euthalia djata rubidifascia ♂ Un.
♂, 1997.04.01. Satun, Thailand.

ON : Euthalia djata rubidifascia Talbot, 1929
OD : Bull. Hill Mus. 3(1):79, pl.2, fig.2,♀.
TL : Sumatra. (♀, NHML)
Distribution : P.Thailand, W.Malaysia, {Singapore}, Sumatra.
● ssp.osadai
Euthalia djata rubidifascia map


Euthalia djata revivo Tsukada, 1991 : Butterflies of the South East Asian Islands. 5:399,548, pl.96, figs.12,(HT,♂),13(PT,♀),14(PT,♂). TL. Cameron Highland, Malaysia. (♂, in coll. E.Tsukada)

Type Materials Information

rubidifascia : Holotype ♀, Sumatra (NHML) ; Yokochi,1999b : 21, fig.78(HT,♀,♀Un).
revivo : Holotype ♂, Mar.1990. Cameron Highland, W.Malaysia. (in coll. E.Tsukada)
'Paratypes : 1♂, 16.Mar.1982. Kedah, W.Malaysia ; 1♀, 17.Feb.1970. Kedah, W.Malaysia.' [? ssp.siamica]

Specimens Examined

Satun : Koh Tarutao. 1997.04.01. 1♂ P.Sukkit (YI).
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This is the first record in Thailand. The butterfly is rare in montane forest at lowl elevations.
In general, the butterfly faunas of Langkawi and Koh Tarutao are often identical. Curiously, however, the specimen from Koh Tarutao seems to be ssp.rubidifascia, which is found in mainland Malaysia, rather than ssp.siamica in Langkawi. Tsukada,1991 described a taxon revivo in W.Malaysia, which is considered a synonym of rubidifascia. In addition, the holotype of revivo is from Cameron Highlands and belongs to ssp.rubidifascia, while the paratypes are from Kedah and are considered to be ssp.siamica. Further taxonomic study and distributional research are needed.


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