Tanaecia clathrata violaria  Butler,[1869]

ON : Tanaecia violaria Butler,[1869]
OD : Proc. zool. Soc. Lond. 1868(3):612, pl.45, fig.8,♀.
TL : Singapore. (♀, NHML)

Distribution : P.Thailand, W.Malaysia, [Singapore].


Tanaecia nicevillei Distant,1884 : Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (5)14:199-200. TL. Perak.
Euthalia ellida subclathrata Staudinger,1896 : Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris], 9:237-238. TL. Tanjong Malim, Malacca.

Type Material Information

violaria : ♀, Type (red), Singapore. (NHML, photo examined)

Records taken from Literature

Tanaecia clathrata violaria ; Kimura,1994 : 19-20, figs.29♂,30♂(Un). (Trang: Khao Chong)
Tanaecia clathrata violaria ; Pinratana & Eliot,1996 : 70, pl.43, fig.125,♂. (Trang)
"Tanaecia clathrata violaria ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 420, pl.184, fig.N130,♂(Malaysia),♂(Malaysia,Un),♀[♂](Malaysia)"
"Tanaecia clathrata violaria ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 430, pl.188, figs.N296,♂(Malaysia),♂(Malaysia,Un),♂(Malaysia)"
Tanaecia clathrata violaria ; Kimura et al.,2016 : 97, figs.♂,♂(Un). (Ka Chong)

The butterfly is rare. It has been obtained a few specimens in Trang province.


Butler, A.G.,[1869] : A monographic Revision of the Lepidoptera hitherto included in the Genus Adolias, with Descriptions of new Genera and species.
Proc. zool. Soc. Lond. 1868(3):599-615, pl.45.

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