Sumalia agneya  (Doherty,1891)

ON : Limenitis agneya Doherty,1891
OD : J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt.2, 60(2):176.
TL : Larut Hill, Perak. (♂)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala), W.Malaysia.

Specimens Examined

Yala : Betong dist. 2018.09.03. 1♂, S.Atdhabhan (photo).
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New to Thailand. The first record is taken photo by Mr.Satawan Atdhabhan on 3.Sep.2018 in Yala province.
The butterfly is rare in montane forest. This has been the only known record until now and we need to examine the specimens.


Doherty, W.,1891 : The Butterflies of Sumba and Sumbawa, with some Account of the Island of Sumba
J. Asiat. Soc. Bengalm Pt.2. 60(2):141-197, pl.2.

Sumalia agneya ♂
♂, 2018.09.03. Yala, Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan)


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