Athyma agneya  (Doherty, 1891)

ON : Limenitis agneya Doherty, 1891
OD : J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt.2, 60(2):176.
TL : Larut Hill, Perak. (♂)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala), W.Malaysia.
Athyma agneya Map

Records taken from Literature

Sumalia agneya ; Saito & Inayoshi,2022b : 25, fig.19,♂. (Yala: Betong Dist.)

Specimens Examined

Yala : Betong Dist. 2018.09.03. 1♂, S.Atdhabhan (photo).
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New to Thailand. The first discovery is a photo taken by Satawan Atdhabhan on 3.Sep.2018 in Yala Province.
The butterfly is rare in montane forests. Only a single record has been known until now, and we need to examine specimens.


Doherty, W.,1891 : The Butterflies of Sumba and Sumbawa, with some Account of the Island of Sumba
J. Asiat. Soc. Bengalm Pt.2. 60(2):141-197, pl.2.

Athyma agneya ♂
♂, 2018.09.03. Yala, Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan)

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