Stichophthalma mathilda mathilda  Janet, 1905

ON : Stichophthalma mathilda Janet, 1905
OD : Bull. Soc. ent. Fr.1905:215-216.
TL : Laos (Lakhon) ; S.W.Tonkin (Dien-Bien-Phu).
Distribution : N.Thailand (Nan), Laos, Vietnam.
● ssp.mathilda
Stichophthalma mathilda map

Records taken from Literature

[ LAOS ]
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Fruhstorfer,1911 : 425. (Laos)
Stichophthalma mathilda ; Vitalis,1919 : 225. (Laos)
Stichophtalma [sic] louisa f. mathilda ; Dubois & Vitalis,1924 : 32. (Xieng-Kouang)
Stichophthalma louisa siamensis ; Motono & Negishi,1989 : 66, pl.92, fig.7,♂(Un). (Luang Prabang)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Nishimura,1998 : 124-125, figs.33,♂,34,♂(Un),65,♂genitalia. (Houa Phan: Sam Nua; Xiang Khoang)
Stichophthalma camadeva camadevoides ; Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999 : 212, not fig. (list only)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999 : 212, pl.99, figs.♂,♀. (Oudomxay)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Uémura,2005 : 4, fig.22,map. (Oudomxay; Xam Neua; Ban Nakah; Lak Sao)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Uémura,2006 : 9, fig.48,map. (near Lak Sao; near border to Vietnam; Ban Namnian)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Uémura,2007 : 5, fig.34,map. (Ban Lat Khoay to Phonsavan)
Stichophtalma [sic] louisa mathilda ; Onodera,2009b : 35,37,38, fig.22,♂. (Xieng Kouang: Muang Kham; Houaphan: Phu Phan)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Nakamura & Wakahara,2012 : 49.
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Nakamura,2021 : 9, figs.15,♂,15v♂(Un),16,♂,16v♂(Un),17,♂,17v♂(Un),18,♀,18v♀(Un). (Xieng Khouang; Boloikhamxai [Bolikhamxai]; Kammouane)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Onodera,2022 : 65, pl.189, figs.♂,♂(Un), pl.190, figs.♂,♂(Un), pl.191, figs.♀,♀(Un). (Houaphan: Phou Pan; Bolikhamxai: Thabok; Xiengkhouang: Tha)

Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Fruhstorfer,1911 : 425. (S.Tonkin)
Stichophtalma [sic] louisa f. mathilda ; Dubois & Vitalis,1924 : 32. (S.Tonkin)
Stichophthalma louisa mathilda ; Metaye,1957 : 99. (N)
Stichophthalma mathilda ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2008 : 282-283,, figs.3,♂,4,♂(Un). (N)
Stichophthalma mathilda ; Monastyrskii,2011 : 102-104, pl.23, figs.1a♂,1b♂(Un). (N: Dien Bien Phu; Bac Can; Than Moi / C: Ben En; Pu Mat; Huong Son; Vu Quang; Phong Dien)
Stichophthalma mathilda ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 29. (N / C: to Ha Tinh)

Specimens Examined

Nan : 3♂ (photo by EMBT and A.Giudici).
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[ LAOS ]
Bolikhamxai : 1♀ (photo by H.Onodera).
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Bac Can : 1♂ (NHML).
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Monastyrskii,2008 treated this taxon as a distinct species. However, the relationship and taxonomic status of louisa group including mathilda, eamesi and devyatkini are still unclear. I tentatively follow the treatment of Monastyriskii.
The population from Nan, N.E.Thailand appears to be this taxon. The populations from Phrae and the eastern side of Lampang, N.Thailand are slightly different, being highly variable and unstable. In general, individuals from Chiang Rai to the western side of Lampang are similar to ssp.siamensis, but the ground color of the upper side is darker and occasionally individuals rather similar to this taxon occur. It seems to be a transition to ssp.siamensis. Further taxonomic and distributional studies, including DNA analysis, are needed.


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Stichophthalma mathilda mathilda ♂
♂, Nan, Thailand. (photo by A.Giudici)

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