Eurema simulatrix sarinoides  (Fruhstorfer, 1910)

Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Un. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♀ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♀ Un.
♂ (dsf), Chanthaburi, Thailand. ♀ (dsf), Chanthaburi, Thailand.
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Un. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Un.
♂ (wsf), Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. ♂ (wsf), Chanthaburi, Thailand.
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Un. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Up. Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Un.
♂ (dsf), Chanthaburi, Thailand. ♂ (wsf), Chonburi, Thailand.

ON : Terias hecabe hecabe f.sarinoides Fruhstorfer, 1910
OD : in Seitz, Grossschmett. Erde 9:167.
TL : [not stated - Hinlap, Siam]. (♂, NHML)
Distribution : C. to S.E.Thailand, Cambodia, S.Vietnam.
● ssp.
transition zone of ssp. and tecmessa
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides map


Eurema simulatrix inouei Shirôzu & Yata, 1973 : Sieboldia 4(3):128-129, pl.3, figs.7(HT,♂), 8(HT,Un), pl.4, figs.1(PT,♂Un), 2(PT,♂Un), 3(PT,♂Un), 4(PT,♂Un). TL. Dinh Quan, S.Vietnam. (♂, KUGGE)

Type Material Information

sarinoides ; Syntype ♂, Type HT (red), Januar, Hinlap, Siam. (NHML) ; Yata,1994 : pl.6, figs.1('HT'[ST],♂), 2('HT'[ST],♂Un).
inouei ;
Holotype ♂, 25.Mar.1962. Dinh Quan, S.Vietnam. S.Inoué leg. (KUGGE) ; Yata,1994 : pl.6, figs.7,♂, 2,♂(Un).
Paratypes : 4♂, Dinh Quan, S.Vietnam ; 1♂, Col de Blao, S.Vietnam ; 1♂, Kampot, Cambodia.

Records taken from Literature

Eurema simulatrix stockleyi ; Pinratana,1983 : 28. not fig. (Nakhon Nayok) (in part)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Pinratana,1983 : 28, pl.24, figs.49c♂,♂(Un). (Chanthaburi; Nakhon Ratchasima)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Yata,1994 : 65. (C)
Eurema simulatrix grandis ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 174, pl.59, figs.Pi53b♂,♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Chanthaburi) (in part)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 174, pl.59, figs.Pi53c♂,♂(Un),♀[♂],♀[♂](Un). (Chanthaburi; Trat; Nakhon Nayok) (in part)
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ; Jeratthitikul et al.,2009 : 10-12, figs.4C♂,4D♂. (Nakhon Nayok; Chanthaburi: Chanthaburi; Phliu Waterfall; Krong Kaw Waterfall; Khoa Soi Dao [Khao Soi Dao]; Nakhon Ratchasima) (in part)
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ; Kimura et al.,2011 : 144, figs.♂,♂(Un),♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Phu Khiewo; Pactonchai; Nakhon Nayork; Kao Khiewo; Kratchin WF; Kao Soi Dao)
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 174, pl.54, figs.Pi53b[♂,♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un),♂,♂(Un),♂[♀],♀[♂](Un). (in part)
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ; S.Sophonviwatkul, C.Sunthornwiphat & T.Laola,2015- : Butterflies of Thailand, figs. (Sa Kaeo; Nakhon Nayok; Chonburi) (in part) (accessed: 2022.11.30)
Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ; Chaianunporn & Chaianunporn,2019 : 87. (Chaiyaphum: Chulabhorn Dam)

Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Shirôzu & Yata,1973 : 128-129, pl.4, fig.4(PT,♂Un). (Kampot, Tukchhov)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Yata,1994 : 65. (Kampot, Tuk Chhou)
Eurema simulatrix ; Onodera,2008 : 60. (Mondolkiri: Romonea)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Monastyrskii et al.,2011 : 128. (Phnom Samkos W.S.)

Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Shirôzu & Yata,1973 : 128-129, pl.3, figs.7(HT,♂), 8(HT,Un), pl.4, figs.1(PT,♂Un), 2(PT,♂Un), 3(PT,♂Un). (S: Dinh Quan; Col de Blao)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Yata,1994 : 65, pl.6, figs.7(HT,♂),8(HT,♂Un). (S: Dinh Quan)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Miyazaki, Saito & Saito,2006 : 14, figs.Pi-36,♂,♀. (Lam Dong: Dambri; Gung Re)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Nihira,2009 : 98. (Phu Quoc)
Eurema simulatrix inouei ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 18. (C / S)

Specimens Examined

Chaiyaphum : 1♂.
JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec

Nakhon Nayok : 1♂.
JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec

Chonburi : 2♂.
JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec

Chanthaburi : 16♂ 1♀ (
JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec

Lam Dong : 1♂ 4♀.
JanFebMarAprMayJun JulAugSepOctNovDec


The butterfly is common in secondary and montane forest at low to moderate elevations (Alt. 50 - 1000m). Both sexes visit flowers and males frequently come to the banks of streams and puddles to suck water.
There are many issues with this name. f.sarinoides was described as a dry season form of Eurema hecabe. Yata,1994 treated it as a form of hecabe grandis, however we consider it is a form of hecabe hecabe based on the context of the original description. In any case, it was an infrasubspecific name because it was described as a quadrinomial form. However, the name is available from Fruhstorfer, 1910 since Evans,1932 used sarinoides as a subspecies of Eurema lacteola (ICZN Code, article
The type locality and number of specimens were not stated in the original description. According to Yata,1994, a 'holotype' was selected by Corbet & Talbot in NHML. But we consider it to be a syntype because the type designation was not given in the original description. Furthermore, the label states that Corbet & Talbot selected it in 1939. If so, it would be the Lectotype, but this designation was never published.
On the other hand, Shirôzu & Yata,1973 described ssp.inouei from S.Vietnam. The main characteristic is the reduced apical patch of the UnF, and they included the populations of Cambodia and (central) Thailand. However, this is the rainy season characteristic of the continental Indo-china populations. And Yata,1994 misidentified Hinlap as being in Northern Thailand, when in fact it is in Central Thailand near Saraburi and Nakhon Nayok. Thus I treat inouei as a synonym of sarinoides.
The populations from S.Myanmar, W. & N.Thailand have very pale lemon yellow ground color on the upperside. Yata,1994 treated this population as a synonym of sarinoides, however, I consider it to be a good subspecies as Kimura et al.,2011 pointed out. Please see Eurema simulatrix ssp..


Fruhstorfer, H.,1910 : 2. Familie: Pieridae in Seitz, Gross-Schmett. Erde 9
153-168. (2.Apr.1910)

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Sieboldia 4(3):121-135.

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Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂ Eurema simulatrix sarinoides ♂
♂ (wsf), Chanthaburi, Thailand. ♂ (left, wsf) with Eurema sari, Chanthaburi, Thailand.

1996.10.31 - 2022.12.26.

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