Delias orphne ssp.  

ON : Delias orphne ssp.
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Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala).
Delias orphne ssp. map

Records taken from Literature

Delias orphne ; Jeenthong & Kanpun,2016 : 13-14, figs. (Yala: Sankala Khiri)


The first finding in Thailand by Tadsanai Jeenthong, Wachara Sanguansombat and Sunet Karnphan in the expedition to Hala-Bala forests from 31.Apr. to 6.May.2014, and a photo in nature was taken by Wachara Sanguansombat in Sankala Kiri, Yala (Alt.1295m). The population is similar to ssp.zenobia, however it is not sure which subspecies it belongs to due to lack of specimens. Confirmation by a series of specimens is needed.


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Plapac co., Ltd. 628pp. (162 col. pls.) (in Japanese)

Jeenthong, T. & Kanpun, S.,2016 : New record of Ophir Jezebel (Delias orphne Wallace, 18867) from San Kala Kiri Mountain, Thailand.
Natural Notes 2(1):10-13.
National Science Museum, Thailand (in Thai)

Delias orphne ssp. ♂ Delias orphne ssp. ♂
♂, Yala, Thailand. (photo by W.Sanguansombat)


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