Papilionidae - Addendum

The following species were recorded from the Indo-Chinese region in previous publications, however were omitted from the list for the reasons written below.

Trogonoptera brookiana albescens (Rothschild, 1895)
Trogonoptera brookiana albescens ; Haugum & Low,1982 : 51. (Yala)
[Haugum & Low list the following specimens from Thailand:
2♂ (Yala, Thailand) in coll. Rijksmuseum, Leiden ; 2♂ (Thailand) in coll. Treadaway ;
2♂ ('Thailand'), and 2♂ (S. Thailand), 1♂ (Yala, Thailand) in the Haugum/Low reference collection.]
Trogonoptera brookiana albescens ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 60, pl.1, figs.P2,♂(Malaysia),♂(Malaysia,Un),♀(Malaysia),♀(Malaysia,Un). ('Yala' [loc.err.])
Trogonoptera brookiana albescens ; Kimura et al.,2011 : 110.
Trogonoptera brookiana albescens ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 60, pl.1, figs.P2,♂(Malaysia),♂(Malaysia,Un),♀(Malaysia),♀(Malaysia,Un). ('Yala' [loc.err.])
The records from Thailand are from Haugum & Low,1982, however the specimens were purchased from insect dealers and are extremely likely to b from erroneous localities. The specimens illustrated in Ek-Amnuay,[2007],2012 are also from W.Malaysia. It has not been found despite ongoing surveys in the southernmost part of Thailand, including the Malaysian border. Therefore, I remove it from the list until new reliable specimens are obtained in future.

Atrophaneura nox erebus (Wallace, 1865)
Atrophaneura varuna varuna ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : pl.4, figs.P9a♂,♂(Un). (in part)
Atrophaneura nox erebus ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 68, pl.5, figs.P10,♂,♂(Un),♀. (Surat Thani; Phetchaburi)
Atrophaneura nox erebus ; Kimura et al.,2011 : 114. (by literature)
Atrophaneura nox erebus ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 68, pl.5, figs.P9,♀,♂,♂(Un). (Surat Thani; Phetchaburi)
According to Ek-Amnuay,[2007],2012, a single male is preserved in the Pinratana collection but the data is unreliable, and was not adopted by Bro.Pinratana himself. It is also reported that a female was obtained in Khao Pota, Surat Thani, however this is only hearsay and also unreliable. This species has not been found in Thailand until now. Therefore, I remove it from the list until reliable specimens are obtained in future.

Atrophaneura polla (Nicéville, 1897)
Atrophaneura polla ; D'Abrera,1982 : 34, 35,figs.♂,♀(Un). (? northern Thailand)
Atrophaneura polla ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 70, pl.6, figs.P10,♂(D'Abrera),♀(D'Abrera). ('Golden triangle; Chiang Rai; Salween River' [loc.err.])
Atrophaneura polla ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 70, pl.6, figs.P11,♂(D'Abrera),♀(D'Abrera). ('Golden triangle; Chiang Rai; Salween River' [loc.err.])
D'Abrera,1982 noted the distribution of this species as "Assam, upper Burma, ? northern Thailand, ? South-western China(Yunnan), ? northern Laos." and guessed as "It is quite likely that this species flies at moderately high elevations throughtou the "golden-triangle" area and at the headwaters of the Mekong and Salween River." Ek-Amnuay,[2007],2012 followed this, however, it has never been found anywhere near this area.

Papilio elephenor Doubleday, 1845 / Papilio dialis doddsi Janet, 1896
Papilio elephenor elephenor ; Godfrey,1930 : 214. (1♂ 1♀, Mar.1921. Doi Suthep.N.Siam, M.B.Tennent)
Papilio elephenor elephenor ; Pinratana,1977 : 46, not fig. (Doi Suthep by Godfrey,1930)
Papilio dialis schanus ; Pinratana & Eliot,1992 : 26, not fig. (list only)
Papilio elephenor ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 90, pl.17, fig.P34,♂(India). ('N' [loc.err.])
Papilio dialis schanus ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 92, pl.18, fig.P37,♂(Laos). ('Doi Suthep' [loc.err.])
Papilio elephenor ; Kimura et al.,2011 : 127. (by literature)
Papilio elephenor ; Ek-Amnuay,2012: 90, pl.17, fig.P34,♂(India). ('N' [loc.err.])
Papilio dialis doddsi ; Ek-Amnuay,2012: 90, pl.18, fig.P35,♂(Laos). ('Doi Suthep' [loc.err.])
Godfrey,1930 recorded Papilio elephenor from Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai based on M.B.Tennent's collection. Pinratana & Eliot,1992 presumed it to be Papilio dialis, considering its distribution and morphology. I agree with this presumption, but it is clear that neither Papilio elephenor nor Papilio dialis are distributed in northern Thailand, including Doi Suthep. In Ek-Amnuay,[2007],2012, it is erroneously stated that both Papilio elephenor and Papilio dialis were recorded from Thailand.
Furthermore, Godfrey,1930, recorded this species and also Stichophthalma camadeva camadevoides in Morphidae - Addendum from Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai by Tennent's collection. I consider the records of both species based on Tennent's collection are erroneous due to contamination by specimens from Myanmar or India. Tennent travelled overland from India to Chiang Mai, and gave the butterflies he collected to a friend of E.J.Godfrey, so it is likely that these specimens were actually collected in India or Myanmar and incorrectly labelled in Chiang Mai.


D'Abrera, B.,1982 : Butterflies of the Oriental Region Part 1 Papilionidae, Pieridae & Danaidae
xxi + 244pp, Hill House, Australia.

Haugum, J. & Low, A.M.,1982 : A Monograph of the Birdwing Butterflies. Vol.2, part 1. Trogonoptera & Ripponia.
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A Check list of Butterflies in Indo-China, Chiefly from THAILAND, LAOS & VIETNAM. Copyright © 1996- Y.Inayoshi.