Virachola sylvana ssp.  

ON : Virachola sylvana ssp.
OD :
TL :
Distribution : Laos.
Virachola sylvana ssp. map

Records taken from Literature

[ LAOS ]
Virachola repercussa ssp. ; Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999 : 219. pl.127, figs.♂,♀. (Xam Neua)
Virachola repercussa ssp. ; Nakamura & Wakahara,2012 : 55.


I was unable to examine any specimens, therefore I provisionally treat it as sylvana by similarity of markings on the upperside.


Huang, H., Zhu, J.Q., Li, A.M. & Huang S.Y.,2016 : A review of the Deucorix repercussa (Leech,1890) group from China (Lycaenidae, Theclinae)
Atalanta 47(1/2):179-195.

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