Jacoona anasuja paulina  Riley, 1932

ON : Neocheritra amrita paulina Riley, 1932
OD : J. nat. Hist. Soc. Siam Suppl. 8(4):252, pl.22, fig.5,♀.
TL : Kaw Phayam [Koh Phayam], Ranawng [Ranong], P.Siam.
Distribution : P.Thailand (Ranong: Koh Phayam).
● ssp.nigerrima
Jacoona anasuja paulina map

Type Material Information

paulina ; Holotype ♀, 14.Jan.1929. Kaw Payam [Koh Phayam], Ranawng [Ranong], P.Siam.

Records taken from Literature

Neocheritra amrita paulina ; Godfrey,1932a : 273. (Ranong: Ko Payam)
Neocheritra amrita paulina ; Godfrey,1932b : 329. (Ranong: Ko Payam)
Jacoona anasuja nigerrima ; Pinratana,1981 : 133. (Ranong) (in part)
Jacoona anasuja nigerrima ; Seki,1986 : 20. (Ranong)
Jacoona anasuja paulina ; Kimura et al.,2014 : 121. (by literature)


Taxon paulina was described as a subspecies of Neocheritra amrita by Riley,1932. However, Kimura et al.,2014 considered it a subspecies of Jacoona anasuja based on the original description and illustrations, and I agree with this treatment. I have never seen any examples from this area, therefore I provisionally regard it as a good subspecies. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Riley, N.D.,1932 : Descriptions of New Siamese Rhopalocera.
J. nat. Hist. Soc. Siam Suppl. 8(4):249-254. 1 pl.

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