Spindasis wakabayashii  (Saito & Hasegawa,2017)

Spindasis wakabayashii ♀ Up. Spindasis wakabayashii ♀ Un.
♀, 2015.05.08. Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.
Holotype (photo by K.Saito)

ON : Cigaritis wakabayashii Saito & Hasegawa,2017
OD : Butterflies 74:48-49, figs.2-6.
TL : Mt.Hon Ba, Khanh Hoa, C.Vietnam. (♀, RIEB)
Distribution : C.Vietnam.
Spindasis wakabayashii map

Type Material Information

Holotype ♀, 08.May.2015. Mt.Hon Ba, alt.1540m, Khanh Hoa, C.Vietnam. K.Wakabayashi leg. (RIEB)

Specimens Examined

Khanh Hoa : 1♀ (Holotype).
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The species is very unique and very rare, with only the holotype known until now.


Saito, K. & T. Hasegawa,2017 : A new species of Cigaritis Donzel,1847 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from central Vietnam.
Butterflies 74:48-51.

Balint, Zs., A.Heath, G.Katona, K.Kertesz & Sz.Safian,2017 : Male secondary sexual characters in Aphnaeinae wings (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
Opusc. Zool. Budapest 48(1):27-34.

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