Euthalia eriphylae ssp.  

ON : Euthalia eriphylae ssp.
OD :
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Distribution : N.Vietnam.

● ssp.eriphylae
Euthalia eriphylae ssp. map

Records taken from Literature

Euthalia eriphylae lioneli ; Monastyrskii,2019 : 4(2):117-118, pl.64, figs.1d♀. (N: Ba Be) (in part)


The classification of the three species, including eriphylae, mahadeva and merta, has been confusing from the past to the present. The reason is the markings of each species are very similar, there is no difference in the male genitalia, and they are all so rare that it was difficult to collect specimens to compare them.
I suspect that taxa with these small, underdeveloped white markings on the UpF are Euthalia eriphylae, and that taxa with large white markings (for instance chula and lioneli) are Euthalia mahadeva. The populations that I consider to be eriphylae occur very locally in the Malay Peninsula (ssp.elioti), Langkawi-Tarutao Islands (ssp.raja), W.Thailand to C.Myanmar (ssp.eriphylae), and N.Vietnam (undescribed ssp.). The record of Euthalia eriphylae chula from Thun Yai, Kanchanaburi is considered to be this taxon. The species is rare or extremely rare in all regions and occurs sympatrically with Euthalia mahadeva. The distribution map of eriphylae excludes some taxa such as chula and lioneli etc., which could be Euthalia mahadeva. As for the eriphylae-mahadeva complex, further field research and DNA analysis are needed.


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