Daimio tethys roona  Evans,1949

ON : Daimio thethys roona Evas,1949
OD : Cat. Hesp. Europ. Asia Austr. Brit. Mus. : 129.
TL : Se-Pin-Lou-Chan, Ya-Tcheou, China. (♂, NHML)
Distribution : N.Vietnam, China.

Records taken from Literature

Daimio tethys roona ; Devyatkin,2012 ; 151, figs.5♂(as Carterocephalus alcina),6♂(Un,as Carterocephalus alcina). (N: Ha Giang)
Daimio tethys roona ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 74. (N: Ha Giang)


Evans, W.H.,1949 : A catalogue of the Hesperiidae from Europe, Asia and Australia in the British Museum (Natural History).
i-xix+1-502, pls.1-35. London.


A Check list of Butterflies in Indo-China, Chiefly from THAILAND, LAOS & VIETNAM. Copyright © 1996- Y.Inayoshi.