Lethe sadona  Evans, 1932

Lethe sadona ♂ Up. Lethe sadona ♂ Un. Lethe sadona ♀ Up. Lethe sadona ♀ Un.
♂, 1998.09.25, Houaphan, Laos. (photo by K.Saito) ♀, 1999.03.22, Houaphan, Laos. (photo by K.Saito)

ON : Lethe brisanda sadona Evans, 1932
OD : Ident. Indian Butts. (2nd ed.) : 107.
TL : Sadon, Upper Burma.
Distribution : N.E.Myanmar, Laos.
Lethe sadona map

Records taken from Literature

[ LAOS ]
Lethe sadona ; Saito et al.,2011 : 48, figs.3A♂,3B♂(Un),'4A'[3C]♀,'4B'[3D]♀(Un). (Laos [Houaphan: Xam Neua])

Specimens Examined

[ LAOS ]
Houaphan : 5♂ 2♀.
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In Saito et al.,2011, only Laos was mentioned as a locality and the detailed name was forgotten. These were obtained at Xam Neua mixed with Lethe hyraria.


Evans, W.H.,1932 : The identification of Indian butterflies. second edition revised.
Bombay nat. Hist. Soc., Madras : 10+454pp, 32 pls, 9f.


A Check list of Butterflies in Indo-China, Chiefly from THAILAND, LAOS & VIETNAM. Copyright © Y.Inayoshi.