Elymnias hypermnestra beatrice  Fruhstorfer,1902

ON : Elymnias nigrescens beatrice Fruhstorfer,1902
OD : Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris]. 14(2):272.
TL : Singapore ; Perak ; Lingga ; Deli ; Sumatra ; Wellesley Prov : Billiton. (NHML)
Distribution : W.Malaysia, Singapore. [? P.Thailand]


Elymnias nigrescens ab.agina Fruhstorfer,1902 : Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris] 14(2):272. TL. Singapore, Sumatra, Perak.
Elymnias nigrescens beatrice ♀.forma.ornamenta Fruhstorfer,1907 : Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris] 20(3):190. TL. Malay. (NHML)

Type Material Information

agina ; ♀, Type HT (red), Malakka, H.Fruhstorfer. (NHML. examined.)

Records taken from Literature

Elymnias hypermnestra beatrice ; Pendlebury,1923 : 33. (Nakhon Sri Thammarat: Wat Kiriwong)
Elymnias hypermnestra agina ; Pinratana,1988 : 8. not fig. (List up only.)
Elymnias hypermnestra agina ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 226, pl.85, fig.S4b,♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Krabi)
Elymnias hypermnestra agina ; Uémura,2010 : 1-2.
Elymnias hypermnestra agina ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 226, pl.85, fig.N40b,♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Krabi)
Elymnias hypermnestra agina ; Kimura et al.,2016 : 161. (by literature)

This subspecies is confined to mainland of W.Malaysia and Singapore. Hitherto I have never seen any reliable specimen from Thailand.
Therefore, It is necessary to more research the area between Ranong and Yala in the future.


Fruhstorfer, H.,1902 : Neue und seltene Lepidoptera aus Annam und Tonkin und dem malayischen Archipel.
Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris] 14(2):265-276, pl.5.

Fruhstorfer, H.,1907 : Monographie der Elymniinae.
Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris] 20(3):157-252.

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