Archigenes neophron chelina  (Fruhstorfer,1904)

Archigenes neophron chelina ♂ Up. Archigenes neophron chelina ♂ Un. Archigenes neophron chelina ♂ Up. Archigenes neophron chelina ♂ Un.
♂, 2014.07.24. Yala, Thailand. ♂, Yala, Thailand. (photo by A.Giudici)

ON : Sospita chela chelina Fruhstorfer,1904
OD : Berl. ent. Z. 48(4):283.
TL : Perak.
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala), W.Malaysia.

● ssp.gratius
Archigenes neophron map

Records taken from Literature

Archigenes neophron chelina ; Saito & Inayoshi,2018 : 33, figs.48,♂,♂(Un). (Yala)

Specimens Examined

Yala : Betong dist. 3♂ ( by A.Giudici).
2014.07.24. 1♂, P.Sukkit (YI) ; 2015.06.24. 1♂ (photo by A.Giudici).
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The figured specimen is the first record from Thailand.
The butterfly is not uncommon in montane forest at moderate elevations (alt.500m - 800m).


Fruhstorfer, H.,1904 : Verzeichniss der in Tonkin, Annam und Siam gesammelten Nemeobiinae und Libythaeinae und Besprechung verwandter Formen.
Berl. ent. Z. 48(4):274-296.

Espeland, M., J.P.W. Hall, P.J. DeVries, D.C. Lees, M. Cornwall, Y.F. Hsu, L.W. Wu, D.L. Campbell, G. Talavera, R. Vila, S. Salzman, S. Ruehr, D.J. Lohman & N.E. Pierce, 2015 :
Ancient Neotropical origin and recent recolonisation: Phylogeny, biogeography and diversification of the Riodinidae (Lepidoptera:Papilionoidea)
Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 93(2015):296-306.

Archigenes neophron chelina ♂
♂, Yala, Thailand. (photo by A.Giudici)

K.Saito & Y.Inayoshi, 2018.07.31 - 2021.08.31.

A Check list of Butterflies in Indo-China, Chiefly from THAILAND, LAOS & VIETNAM. Copyright © 1996- Y.Inayoshi.