Papilio agestor kuangtungensis   Mell,1935

ON : Papilio agestor kuangtungensis  Mell,1935
OD : Mitt. dtsch. ent. Ges. 6:36.
TL : N.Guangdong, Linping, Shuiyuenshan, Mantsishan.

Distribution :
N.Vietnam (Mt.Pia Oac), China (Guangxi, Guandong, Fujian, Zhejian).
Papilio agestor kuangtungensis map


Chilasa agestor moritai   Shinkai,1996 : Wallace 2:43-44, pl.XV, figs.5♂(Paratype),6♂(Holotype).  TL. Mt.DayaoShan, Laoshan, Ganxi, China.
Chilasa agestor teruyoae  Shinkai,1996 : Futao 23:16. pl.4, figs.1-2 Holotype ♂(Up.&Un.), 3-4 Paratype ♂(Up.&Un.), 5-6 Paratype ♂(Up.&Un.).  TL : Mt. Pia Oac, N.Vietnam.
Chilasa agestor teiae  Shinkai,1999 : Wallace 6:50. (ISS)

Type Materials Information

kuangtungensis ; "Paratypes ?" ♂, 30.3.24. Lingping, Sudchina. H.Hone (ZFMK, examined.)
Holotype ♂, Mt.DayaoShan alt.800-1500m, Laoshan, Ganxi, China. W.Kitawaki leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
Paratypes ;
1♂, 1♀, same date as Holotype. including Allotype.
1♂, 1995.Apr. Kantong. T.Hasegawa leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
teruyoae ;
Holotype ♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. 1994.Apr.29. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
Paratypes ; 4♂
1♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. 1994.Apr.27. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
1♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. 1994.Apr.29. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
1♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. 1995.Apr.22. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)
1♂, Mt.Pia Oac. 1911m. 1996.Apr.21. A.Shinkai leg. (in coll. S.Morita)

Records taken from Literature

Chilasa agestor teiae ; Shinkai,1999 : 50. (North: Mt.Pia Oac)
Chilasa agestor agestor ; Monastyrskii,2007 : 39-40. (North: Pia Oac)


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