Byasa nevilli   (Wood-Mason,1882)

ON : Papilio nevilli  Wood-Mason,1882
OD : Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (5)9:105.
TL : "Silchar, Cachar" [India, Assam]. (BMNH)

Distribution : India, Myanmar, N.Vietnam, China (Yunnan, Sichuan).
Byasa nevilli map


Papilio chentsong  Oberthur,1886 : Etud. ent. 11:13-14, pl.1, fig.1.  TL. "Yerkalo" [W.China]
Papilio chentsong luctus  Oberthur,1914 : Etud. Lep. Comp. 9(2):45, pl.CCLII, fig.2133♂ (IFS).  TL. "Region sino-thibetaine de Ta-tsien-lu" [Kangding, W.Sichuan, China]
Papilio nivelli  Draeseke,1923 : Deut. ent. Zeit. [Iris] 37:55. (ISS)

Type Materials Information

chentsong ; ♂, Type (red). (BMNH. examined.)
luctus ; ♂, Type (red), Chasseurs indigenes de Ta-tsien-lou. (BMNH. examined.)

Records taken from Literature

Byasa nevilli ; Funahashi & Saito,2013 : 58. (Ha Giang: Dong Van)


Wood-Mason, J.,1882 :
Descriptions of two new Species of Papilio from Northeastern India, with a Preliminary Indication of an apparently new and remarkable Case of Mimicry between the two distinct Groups which they represent.
Ann. Mag. nat. Hist. (5)9:103-105.

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Etud. Lep. comp. 9(2):41-60.

Funahashi, A. & K. Saito,2013 : A record of Byasa nevilli (Wood-Mason,1882) in Vietnam.
Butterflies (Teinopalpus) 63:58.