Doleschallia sp.  

ON : Doleschallia sp.
OD :
TL :
Distribution : P.Thailand (Koh Samui), W.Malaysia, Singapore.

Records taken from Literature

Doleschallia bisaltide ssp. ; Les Day,2011- : Samui Butterflies, figs. (Koh Samui)

According to Mr. Les Day, There are two different forms of Doleschallia bisaltide in Koh Samui. One is ordinary ssp.pratipa and another is close to Doleschallia polibete.
Yong & Hashim,2002 reported it from P.Malaysia as Doleschallia australis. Then, Eliot,2006 pointed out, He treated it as "?bisaltide var." and has known from W.Malaysia and Sinpapore, moreever the larvae is also different from ordinary bisaltide. Further taxonomic study is needed.


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