Hypolycaena balua gabrieli  (Corbet, 1938)

Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ♂ Up. Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ♂ Un. Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ♀ Up. Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ♀ Un.
♂, Ranong, Thailand. ♀, Ranong, Thailand.

ON : Chliaria tora gabrieli Corbet, 1938
OD : J. Fed. Malay St. Mus. 18(2):255.
TL : Bukit Tangga, Malay Pen. (♀, in coll. Corbet)
Distribution : P.Thailand, W.Malaysia.
Hypolycaena balua gabrieli map

Type Material Information

Holotype ♀, 1.Mar.1931. Bukit Tangga, Negri Sembilan, Malay Peninsula. A.S.Corbet (in coll. Corbet)

Records taken from Literature

'Chliaria balua gabrieli ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 702, pl.320, fig.L388,♂(Malaysia).'
Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 748, pl.342, figs.L413,♂(Malaysia),♀,♀(Un). ('Koh Tarutao'; Ranong)
Hypolycaena balua gabrieli ; Kimura et al.,2014 : 129. (by literature)

Specimens Examined

Ranong : 1♂ 1♀.
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The butterfly is rare in lowland primary forests and is found along a stream in the forests (Alt. 30m). Hitherto only three specimens are known in Thailand.


Corbet, A.S.1938 : Observations on certain Species of Rhopalocera from the Malay Peninsula.
J. fed. Malay St. Mus. 18(2):242-262.

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