Bullis stigmata sylvicola  Seki, 1997

Bullis stigmata sylvicola ♂ Up. Bullis stigmata sylvicola ♂ Un.
♂, 2019.07.21. Yala, Thailand.

ON : Bullis stigmata sylvicola Seki, 1997
OD : Butterflies 18:52, figs.51,♂,52,♂(Un).
TL : Cameron Highlands, Pahang, W.Malaysia.(♂, in coll. Seki)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala), W.Malaysia.
Bullis stigmata sylvicola map

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♂, May.1984. Cameron Highlands, Pahang, W.Malaysia. (in coll. Seki)
Paratype ♂, 14.May.1989. Cameron Highlands, Pahang, W. Malaysia. (in coll. Seki)

Records taken from Literature

'Bullis stigmata ; Pinratana,1981 : 131. not fig. (Trang)'
'Bullis stigmata ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 734, pl.335, figs.L390,♂(Malaysia),♂(Malaysia,Un),♀(Borneo [Bullis stigmata stigmata]),♀(Un, Borneo [Bullis stigmata stigmata])'
Bullis stigmata sylvicola ; Saito & Inayoshi,2022b : 29,31, figs.37,♂,37v♂(Un). (Yala: Betong Dist.)
Bullis stigmata sylvicola ; S.Sophonviwatkul, C.Sunthornwiphat & T.Laola,2023- : Butterflies of Thailand, fig. (Yala) (accessed: 2023.08.20)

Specimens Examined

Yala : Betong Dist ; 2019.07.21. 1♂, S.Atdhabhan (YI).
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The record of Pinratana,1981 lacks an illustrated specimen. The figured specimens in Ek-Amnuay,[2007] are misidentifications of Tajuria isaeus, and those in Ek-Amnuay,2012 are from Malaysia and Bullis stigmata stigmata from Borneo. Therefore, this specimen obtained by Satawan Atdhabhan on 21.Jul.2019 in Betong Dist., Yala is the first reliable record from Thailand.


Seki, Y.,1997 : A concise guide for the identification of Tajuria (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) and its allies with description of new subspecies (1).
Butterflies 18:46-53.

Bullis stigmata sylvicola ♂
♂, 2019.07.21. Yala, Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan)

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