Drupadia niasica scudderii  (Doherty, 1889)

Drupadia niasica scudderii ♂ Up. Drupadia niasica scudderii ♂ Un. Drupadia niasica scudderii ♀ Up. Drupadia niasica scudderii ♀ Un.
♂, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. ♀, Ranong, Thailand.

ON : Biduanda scudderii Doherty, 1889
OD : J. asiat. Soc. Bengal 58 Pt.II(4):426, pl.23, fig.14,♂.
TL : Mergui. (♂)
Distribution : S.Myanmar, P.Thailand (excluding Koh Tarutao).
● ssp.scudderii
Drupadia niasica scudderii map

Records taken from Literature

Drupadia niasica scudderii ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 676, pl.309, figs.L328,♂,♀[♂],♀[♂](Un),♀. (Kampuan; Krabi)
Drupadia niasica scudderii ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 714, pl.326, figs.L352,♂,♀[♂],♀[♂](Un),♀. (Kampuan; Krabi)
'Drupadia rufotaenia furotaenia ; Küppers & Janikorn,2020 : 199, not fig. (Phang Nga)'

Specimens Examined

Ranong : 1♂ 1♀.
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Nakhon Si Thammarat : 1♂ (photo by A.Giudici).
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The butterfly is rare in montane forests at low elevations (Alt. 30 - 150m).
There is a tendency for the male red patch on the UpF to get smaller and smaller from north to south. The record from Phang Nga by Küppers & Janikorn,2020 identified as Drupadia rufotaenia rufotaenia is possibly this taxon based on their description. However, this cannot be confirmed due to the lack of specimens or photos. Further taxonomic and distributional studies are needed.


Doherty, W.,1889 : On certain Lycaenidae from lower Tenasserim
J. asiat. Soc. Bengal 58 Pt.II (4):409-440, pl.23.

Cowan, C.F.,1974 : The Indo-Oriental Genus Drupadia Moore (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae).
Bull. Brit. Mus. nat. Hist. (Ent.) 29:283-656, 6 pls.

Drupadia niasica scudderii ♂
♂, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. (photo by A.Giudici)

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