Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva  Fruhstorfer, 1908

Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ♂ Up. Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ♂ Un.
♂, Pattani, Thailand.

ON : Mahathala ameria ariadeva Fruhstorfer, 1908
OD : Ent. Zeit. 22(12):49.
TL : Perak.
Distribution : P.Thailand (Pattani and Southward),
W.Malaysia, Sumatra.
● ssp.burmana
Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva map

Records taken from Literature

Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 654, pl.298, figs.L296,♂,♂(Un),♀(Un,Malaysia). ('Narathiwat' [recte Pattani])
'Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ; Les Day,2011-2022 : Samui Butterflies, fig.['♀'](Un). (Koh Samui) (accessed: 2023.04.19)'
Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 690, pl.315, figs.L320,♂,♂(Un),♀(Un,Malaysia). ('Narathiwat' [recte Pattani])
Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ; S.Sophonviwatkul, C.Sunthornwiphat & T.Laola,2020- : Butterflies of Thailand, figs. (Yala) (accessed: 2023.04.19)

Specimens Examined

Pattani : 1♂.
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Yala : 2♀ (photo by S.Atdhabhan).
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The butterfly is uncommon in montane forests at low elevations.
The subspecies identity of the population from Koh Samui cannot be determined due to a lack of specimens. Confirmation with specimens is needed.


Fruhstorfer, H.,1908 : Lepidopterologisches Pele-Mele. I. Neue ostasiatische Rhopaloceren.
Ent. Zeit. 22(12):48-49.

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Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ♀ Mahathala ariadeva ariadeva ♀
♀, Yala, Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan) ♀, Yala, Thailand. (photo by S.Atdhabhan)

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