Arhopala norda ronda  Eliot, 1992

Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Up. Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Un. Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Up. Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Un.
♂, Ranong, Thailand. ♂, Ranong, Thailand.
Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Up. Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Un. Arhopala norda ronda ♂ genitalia Arhopala norda ronda ♂ genitalia
♂, Ranong, Thailand. ♂ genitalia, Ranong, Thailand.

ON : Arhopala norda ronda Eliot, 1992
OD : In Buttu. Malay Peninsula (4th ed.) : 279, 437,
pl.40, figs.17♂,18♂(Un) ; pl.66, fig.4♀(Un).
TL : W.Malaysia, 'Pinang'
Distribution : P.Thailand (Ranong and Southward),
W.Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Nias, Belitung, Bangka.
Arhopala norda ronda map

Records taken from Literature

'Arhopala major norda ; Pinratana,1981 : 82, pl.13, fig.10,♂(Un). (Krabi; Ranong; Trang)'
'Arhopala major norda ; Seki,1986 : 12, figs.12,♀,13,♀(Un). (Ranong)'
'Arhopala norda rorda ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 614, pl.278, figs.L216,♂,♂(Un). (Krabi; Thale Ban)'
'Arhopala norda norda ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 646, pl.293, figs.L242,♂,♂(Un). (Krabi; Thale Ban)'
'Arhopala norda norda ; Kimura et al.,2014 : 60, figs.♂,♂(Un),♀,♀(Un). (Kam Puan; Khlong Naka; Thaleban; Than To WF.)'

Specimens Examined

Ranong : 7♂.
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Trang : 1♂.
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Yala : 5♂.
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The butterfly is locally common in montane forests at low to moderate elevations (Alt.30 - 700m).
This species is quite similar to Arhopala major. The only difference between two species is a presence or absence of a small white spot on cilia in space 1a on the UnH. Arhopala norda has this, while Arhopala major lacks it. However, this area is easily damaged and the cilia can also easily drop off; therefore, examination of male genitalia is recommended for reliable identification. Previous records are less reliable, so only records with confirmed genitalia are used.

The difference between norda and major.
Arhopala norda ronda ♂ Arhopala norda ronda ♂ genitalia Arhopala major major ♂ Arhopala major major ♂ genitalia
Arhopala norda ♂ UnH. & valva. (Ranong) Arhopala major ♂ UnH. & valva. (Yala)


Eliot, J.N., 1992 : Cobert, A.S. & Pendlebury, H.M. (Revised by Eliot, J.N.), The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula, 4th Edition.
x + 595 + [69] pp., 69pp. of plates (some col.). Malayan Nature Society.

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