Callophrys devyatkini  Krupitsky, Shapoval & Shapoval, 2023

ON : Callophrys devyatkini Krupitsky, Shapoval & Shapoval, 2023
OD : Insects 2023(14)352:16-18,figs.2F(PT,♂), 2G(HT,♀),
TL : Dong Van, Ha Giang, N.Vietnam. (♀, ZMMU)
Distribution : N.Vietnam (Ha Giang).
Callophrys devyatkini map

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♀, May.2018. Sa Phin, 1400-1600m, Dong Van, Ha Giang, N.Vietanm. LC. (ZMMU)
Paratypes : 4♂, same locality as holotype. (CEDM)


Krupitsky, A., Shapoval, N. & Shapoval, G.,2023 : DNA Barcoding of the Palaearctic Elfin Butterflies (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) with a Description of Four New Species from Vietnam
Insects 2023(14)352:1-24.


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