Allotinus thalebanus  Murayama & Kimura,1990

ON : Allotinus thalebanus Murayama & Kimura,1990
OD : The Nature and Insects 25(2):24, figs.20(HT,♂),21(HT,♂Un).
TL : Thaleban, Satun, P.Thailand. (♂, RIEB)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Satun).

Type Material Information

Holotype ♂, 1989.ii. Thaleban National Park, Satun, P.Thailand. (RIEB)

Records taken from Literature

Allotinus thalebanus ; Ek-Amnuay,[2007] : 544, pl.246, figs.L35,Holotype,♂,♂(Un). (Thale Ban)
Allotinus thalebanus ; Ek-Amnuay,2012 : 558, pl.252, figs.L60,Holotype,♂,♂(Un). (Thale Ban)
Allotinus thalebanus ; Kimura et al.,2014 : 38, figs.Holotype,♂,♂(Un). (Thalebahn)

Hitherto, the species has been known only one male holotype. I suspect thalebanus may be a synonym of fabius arrius. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Murayama, S. & Y. Kimura,1990 : Some new butterflies from Thailand.
The Nature and Insects 25(2):19-24.

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