Neptis philyroides mienbaca   Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2003

ON : Neptis philyroides mienbaca  Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2003
OD : Atalanta 34:99-100, pl.9, figs.1♂,2♂(Un).
TL : Lung Li, Bac Can, N.Vietnam. (MSU)
Distribution : Vietnam.

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♂, 2001.V.1., Lung Li, 860m, Bac Can Province, N.Vietnam. Bui Xuan Phuong leg. (MSU)
Paratype : 1♀, same locality and date as the holotype. (BMNH)


Monastyrskii, A.L. & A.L. Devyatkin,2003 : New taxa and new records of butterflies from Vietnam, 2.
Atalanta (August 2003)34(1/2):75-109, col.pls.V-IX.

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