Neptis nashona chapa  Eliot, 1969

ON : Neptis nashona chapa Eliot,1969
OD : Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Ent.) Suppl. 15:95, pl.2, fig.17,♂.
TL : Chapa [Sa Pa], 'Cochin China' recte Tonkin. (♂, NHML)
Distribution : [? Lao Cai, N.Vietnam].
● ssp.aagaardi
Neptis nashona chapa Map

Type Material Information

♂ Holotype, Oct.1935. Chapa [Sa Pa], 'Cochin China' [recte Tonkin]. S.Masseyeff. (NHML)

Records taken from Literature

Neptis nashona chapa ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 37. (N) (in part)
Neptis nashona chapa ; Monastyrskii,2019 : 4(2):76-77. (N: Sa Pa)


This is a mysterious subspecies. Hitherto, a single male holotype is known. I suspect that the type locality of this species might be incorrect and maybe is not from N.Vietnam. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Eliot, J.N.,1969 : An Analysis of the Eurasian and Australian Neptini (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).
Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Ent.) Supple.15. London.

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