Halpe fushigina  Maruyama & Uehara,1992

Halpe fushigina ♂ Up. Halpe fushigina ♂ Un. Halpe fushigina ♂ Up. Halpe fushigina ♂ Un.
♂, 2017.03.13. Betong, Yala, Thailand. ♂, 2017.03.24. Betong, Yala, Thailand.
Halpe fushigina ♂ genitalia Halpe fushigina ♂ genitalia
♂ genitalia, Yala, Thailand.

ON : Halpe fushigina Maruyama & Uehara,1992
OD : Butterflies 2:44,46, figs.20-26.
TL : Sibolangit, Sumatra. (♂,in coll.K.Maruyama)
Distribution : P.Thailand (Yala), W.Malaysia, Sumatra.

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♂, Pasarbaru (alt.600m), Sibolangit, Sumatera Utara. 26.Apr.1989. K.Maruyama leg. (in coll. K.Maruyama)
Paratype 1♀, Sibolangit, Sumatera Utara. 11.Jun.1989. Arbaimun leg. (in coll. K.Maruyama)

Specimens Examined

Yala : 5♂ ; Betong dist.
Yala : Betong dist. 2017.03.13. 1♂, Y.Inayoshi (YI).
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Male genitalia of examples from Yala is close to H.scissa, but white markings on the upperside of the forewing is very similar to H.arcuata.
These characteristics are same as H.fushigina from Sumatra.
Although Uehara & Masui,2016 treated it as subspecies of H.scissa, I consider it is distinct species.
This is the first record from Thailand.


Maruyama, K. & J.Uehara,1992 :
Two New species and Three New subspecies of Hesperiid Butterflies from the Islands of Southeast Asia.
Butterflies 2:43-50.

Uehara, J. & K.Maruyama,2016 :
The revision of Halpe arcuata group and description of two new species of Halpe Moore,1878 (Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae) from Indochina.
Butterflies 73:19-24.