Pseudocoladenia festa  (Evans, 1949)

Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ Up. Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ Un. Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ Up. Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ Un.
♂, 1991.03.11. Nan, Thailand. ♂, Nan, Thailand.
Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ genitalia Pseudocoladenia festa ♂ genitalia
♂ genitalia, Nan, Thailand.

ON : Celaenorrhinus dan festa Evans, 1949
OD : Cat. Hesp. Europ. Asia Austr. Brit. Mus. : 113.
TL : Kirbari, Naga Hills. (♂, NHML)
Distribution : Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, Manipur,
Naga Hills, Myanmar (N. to Karens), N.Thailand (Nan),
Laos, Vietnam, Yunnan, Sichuan.
Pseudocoladenia festa map

Type Material Information

Holotype ♂, #229445, Oct.1912. Kirbari, Naga Hills. (NHML, photo examined.) ; Huang & Xue,2004 :, figs.11,♂(Up & Un),12(label).

Records taken from Literature

Pseudocoladenia festa ; Inayoshi,2012-2020 : Butterflies in Indo-China, figs.♂(Nan),♂(Nan,Un),♂(Nan),♂(Nan,Un). (Nan) (in part) (29.Feb.2020 last updated ; 31.Jan.2022 changed.)
Pseudocoladenia fatih festa ; Huang,2021 : 583. (by website: Inayoshi,2020)
Pseudocoladenia fatih festa ; Inayoshi,2022-2023 : Butterflies in Indo-China, figs.♂(Nan),♂(Nan,Un),♂(Nan),♂(Nan,Un),♂ genitalia. (Nan) (in part) (28.Feb.2022 last updated ; 31.Oct.2023 changed.),

[ LAOS ]
Coladenia dan fabia ; Motono & Negishi,1989 : pl.111, figs.A5,♂,A6,♂(Un). (in part)

Pseudocoladenia dan fabia ; Inoué & Kawazoé,1964 : 47, figs.23,♂,24,♂(Un). (Vodat; Trang Bom; Banmethuot)
Pseudocoladenia fatih festa ; Huang,2021 : 583. (by literature)
Pseudocoladenia fatih festa ; Kishi et al.,2021 : 51, figs.2,♂,2v♂(Un). (Lao Cai: Ban Khoang, Sa Pa)

Specimens Examined

Nan : 2♂.
Pua dist., 1991.03.11. 1♂ Y.Inayoshi (YI).
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The first discovery from Thailand is the specimen from Nan shown above. The butterfly is uncommon in montane forests at moderate elevations (Alt. 1100 - 1300m). Males frequently come to the banks of streams and puddles to suck water. This species is found sympatric with Pseudocoladenia fabia.
The populations from Laos and Vietnam are tentatively included in this taxon, but require examination of male genitalia. Further taxonomic and distributional studies, including DNA analysis, are needed.


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2012.09.30 - 2023.10.31.

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