Faunis excelsa laotica  Nakamura,2021

ON : Faunis excelsa laotica Nakamura,2021
OD : Butterflies 85:4-7, figs.1(HT,♂,♂Un),2(PT,♂,♂Un),3(PT,♀,♀Un).
TL : Nakai, Bolikhamxai, C.Laos. (♂, RIEB)
Distribution : C.Laos.

Type Materials Information

Holotype ♂, 1997.v.25. Nakai, Bolikhamxai, C.Laos. H.Wakahara (RIEB)
Paratypes 9♂ 1♀, same locality and date as holotype. (RIEB) ; 1♂, 2006.iv.24. near Laksao, C.Laos. K.Maruyama (TME).

Records taken from Literature

[ LAOS ]
Faunis aerope excelsa ; Osada, Uémura & Uehara,1999 : 212, pl.98, figs.♂,♀. (Lak Sao)
Faunis aerope excelsa ; Uémura,2005 : 4, fig.20,map.
Faunis aerope excelsa ; Uémura,2007 : 5, fig.31,map. (C: near border to Vietnam)
Faunis aerope excelsa ; Nakamura & Wakahara,2010 : 249, figs.3,c♂,cv♂(Un),d♀,dv♀(Un). (C: Khammouane)
Faunis excelsa ; Nakamura & Wakahara,2012 : 49.


Nakamura, N., H. Wakahara & T.Miyamoto,2010 : Notes on the butterflies of Laos (V):
description of a new subspecies of Faunis aerope (Leech,1890) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Morphinae) from a montane area of Central Laos
Trans. lepid. Soc. Japan 60(4):277-284.

Nakamura, N.,2021 :
Notes on the butterflies of Laos (XII): New findings on Amathusiini (Morphinae: Nymphalidae) including description of a new subspecies of Faunis excelsa (Fruhstorfer,1901)
Butterflies 85:4-14.


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