Faunis eumeus eumeus  (Drury,[1773])

Faunis eumeus eumeus ♂ Up. Faunis eumeus eumeus ♂ Un.
♂, Cao Bang, Vietnam. (photo by K.Saito)

ON : Papilio eumeus Drury,[1773]
OD : Ill. nat. Hist. Exot. Insects 1:index,4, pl.2, fig.3.
TL : S.China.
Distribution : N.Vietnam, Guangdong, Hongkong, Hainan.


Papilio decempunctatus Goeze,1779 : Ent. Beytrage 3(1):212. TL. China.

Records taken from Literature

Faunis eumeus eumeus ; Monastyrskii,2011 : 78-80, pl.15, figs.2a,♂,2b,♂. (N: Ba Be ; Tam Dao)
Faunis eumeus eumeus ; Monastyrskii & Devyatkin,2015 : 28. (N: Cao Bang ; Bac Can ; Vinh Phuc)

Specimens Examined

Cao Bang : 1♂.
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A male example from Cao Bang, N.Vietnam showing above is very large in size. The relationship between nominotypical subspecies and the population of N.Vietnam is still not clear. Further taxonomic study is needed.


Drury, D.,[1773] : Illustrations of natural history; wherein are exhibited ... Illust. Nat. Hist. Exot. Insects 1.
1-130, pl. 1-50.

Goeze, E.,1779 : Entomologische Beytrage zu des Ritter Linne zwolften Ausgabe des Natursystems

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